Ficus deltoidea – Mistletoe Fig (4″ pot/on request only)

This is an unusual outdoor tropical plant that is commonly used as a house plant. It is extremely easy to grow and can tolerate low light conditions. This beginner plant has shiny waxy leaves, but does not produce edible fruit.

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This Ficus can become a large shrub or small tree, but is most commonly used as an indoor houseplant. This is quite an unusual plant that has shiny, waxy, green leaves at the top and the bottom is a golden yellow color. It also has these interesting triangular black spots on the underside of the leaves in between the leaf veins. The plant also produces yellowish, non-edible figs.
This easy to grow plant grows upright to about 3′ tall in a container. It can grow in full sun to very low light conditions. It can tolerant temperatures to the low 30’s for a short period of time. This plant loves humidity.
This Ficus is also great Bonsai material and the only pre-bonsai I grow that would do well indoors.

Please make sure you are buying the correct plant. There are other plants with the same common name that are different. The yellow leaves and black spots are how this plant naturally looks!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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