Epiphyllum sp. Red – Red Orchid Cactus (4″ pot)


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This Epiphyllum plant will bloom a stunning hue of red in the spring season. This color is rarely offered, but it remains as an easy to grow plant. Great for hanging baskets. 

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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The Epiphyllum sp. Red is an epiphytic type of plant which some call “orchid cactus” due to its large bright blooms and growth habit. It produces spectacular red flowers that last only a couple of days but can produce as early as winter and throughout the spring season. It’s considered an easy to grow plant that seems to grow best when neglected, and might be by far the best, most rewarding, maintenance free house and patio plant. It makes an excellent hanging basket plant with its stems growing from 18 to about 30 inches in length. This plant flowers best when exposed to cool temperatures and shortened light periods. It’s primarily grown for its magnificent large fragrant flowers but if pollinated this eppie will produce a small edible fruit like the Pitaya (Dragonfruit).


FAMILY: Cactacea
ORIGIN: Mexico and Central America
MATURE SIZE: Up to 30” long
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Keep the top 1/3 of the soil moderately damp, do not over water
FLOWER: Large, strongly fragrant red flowers are born in the spring time if the plant is mature


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