Dyakia hendersoniana (check back spring 2024)


This pretty miniature orchid is native to Brunei, Borneo. It grows few leaves, sometimes just 4 or 5, and blooms many beautiful pink flowers on inflorescences in Spring and Summer. The flowers are fragrant, vibrant and showy with a splash of white in the center. This eye catching orchid would look great in any home or garden.

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This orchid prefers warm weather and humidity. Filtered light is best, somewhere in a shaded window or under a shaded tree is perfect. Direct light will scorch the leaves and flowers. They thrive in medium to high humidity. They do very well mounted, it is our preferred method. When mounted they will need watered just about every day. For potting, they need a chunky well-draining soil mix like orchid bark, charcoal and perlite. This orchid does not like the cold, protect it from freezing temperatures.

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