Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ (5″ pot/contact us for availability)

This Cymbidium is a one of a kind because they typically don’t bloom well in Florida, but this variety does! It blooms mildly fragrant beautiful white flowers with rounded petals on gently arching stems. With a huge number of flowering spikes, these literally flow from the pot like a waterfall. Each flower spike is densely packed with sparkling white blooms.


Ships in a 5″ pot, does not come with flowers. Please email us your zip code if you are interested.


This orchid has blooms that last around a month. It does not take up a lot of growing space, and likes to be root bound. It is perfect as a hanging specimen. It would make an excellent gift for an orchid beginner, a long-time orchid grower, or that special orchid person in your life. You can grow this beautiful orchid in nearly all reasonable growing conditions (although avoid freezing temperatures and water more frequently when temperatures are in the 90s F)


FAMILY: Orchidaceae
TYPE: Orchid
ORIGIN: Tropical Asia
MATURE SIZE: 2 – 3 feet
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Bright but indirect light
TEMPERATURE: 50 – 80 degrees F
FLOWER: Late winter or early spring

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