Clowesia russelliana (email for availability)

This orchid is found in dry open forests in many places, blooming in the Summer through the Fall. uniquely, the flowers have both male and female parts! The flowers are a cream-ish green striped with darker green and come in dense, abundant clusters that hang beautifully and harbor a wonderfully sweet fragrance. The creamy green color reminds me of the “glow in the dark” type of green, although the flowers do not glow in the dark. This is a really unique species that would fit great into a collection. 

Please email us with your zip code for availability.


This orchid prefers a spot in indirect light with adequate air circulation and humidity. Allow the medium to lightly dry in between watering. After flowering, do not water the plant until the new growth is established with roots. This is important so that your don’t rot your plant. A position in bright indirect light is preferred, keep out of direct sunlight. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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