Chrysothemis pulchella – Black Flamingo (3″ pot)


Also known as Sunset Bells, this dazzling plant produces flowers and flower calyces. The flowers, only lasting a day, are a bright yellow with orange and red stripes and spots. The flower calyces are a firey orange that lasts the entire season. As more flowers bloom and fall off, the clusters of calyces grow larger throughout the season. When young, this plant’s leaves are a deep purple that shifts into a coppery color with age, leaving the purple hue underneath the leaves. The contrast between the dark foliage and firey warm colors is quite stunning!

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Also known as Sunset Bells, this beautiful plant is so easy to plant and grow, coming back each Spring to greet you. This plant starts with dark purple foliage that turns a coppery color with age, leaving the underside of the leaves a beautiful shade of purple. The flowers emerge almost immediately after breaking dormancy in the Spring and continue to bloom until the plant falls dormant in the fall. Very easy to grow, they do best in bright shade but grow in both full sun and deep shade. In direct heat, the edges of the leaves burn, and in deep shade, they grow tall and leggy, so find a happy medium- they are not too picky. They prefer evenly moist, well-draining soil, and little to no water when they have gone dormant.

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