Cananga odorata ‘Fruticosa’ – Dwarf Ylang Ylang Tree (4″ pot)


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This rare flowering tree is suitable for someone interested in the popular Chanel No. 5 Ylang Ylang Tree, but that needs the plant to be much smaller. This is the much more rare “dwarf” variety. The flowers have an unique fruity fragrance. The flowers are seen nearly year round in tropical climates. Please understand that the fragrance is different than the regular tree.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers but it is mature to bloom.

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All photos were taken previously of our mother plants in bloom. The photos are not of the plants for sale.

This is a dwarf form of the very popular Ylang-Ylang tree. This one is a shrub that gets to only about 6′- 8′ tall. This one blooms year round and the flowers are fragrant! Keep in mind that the dwarf is not as fragrant as the tree (not as many flowers) and the fragrance is also different (more fruity). The dwarf ylang ylang is a tropical plant, but can take down to the mid 30’s for short periods of time. It grows well in pots and can be brought inside during the winter time if you give it good light and the right conditions. It prefers to be outside in filtered light and can take a little bit of direct sunlight. It likes average moisture. It is perfect for small gardens or pots. This is a good substitute for the Ylang Ylang tree if you do not live in a tropical climate. You can grow this in a pot and it blooms when young. Dwarf ylang ylang is a lot more rarely offered than the tree. All pictures are for reference purposes only.

FAMILY : Annonaceae
ORIGIN : Mexico to Argentina
TYPE/USES : shrub that can be grown in pots or in the ground in a tropical location
MATURE SIZE : eventually reaching a size of 6′ – 8′
GROWTH RATE : moderate to fast
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : filtered light to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep moist/drier in the winter
MIN. TEMP. : mid 30’s for a short period of time
FLOWER : year round, early bloomer

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