This is a dwarf powder puff that doesn’t grow too big and produces small pink and white flowers. It is a tropical plant that enjoys full sun outdoors. It can be grown outside in warm climates or kept small in a container.
This plant can also be trained as a Bonsai tree.

Ships in 4″ plastic nursery pot.
We do not sell finished Bonsai trees.

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Beautiful oriental looking plant. It grows more horizontally than vertically. New growth sprouts with a reddish color. It is a fast grower. Small pink and white Powder Puff flowers appear year round on and off.

FAMILY : Leguminosae
ORIGIN : Ecuador
MATURE SIZE : 6′ x 6′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : likes plenty of water, do not let dry out
MIN. TEMP.: low 30’s for short periods
FLOWER : throughout the year (on and off) 

All photos are for reference purposes only. We sell plants in plastic nursery pots only.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in