Calathea zebrina – Zebra Plant (10″ pot $30/on request)


A beautiful tropical plant loved for its velvety, zebra-patterned leaves. They are bright dark green, with white/yellow stripes. An attractive houseplant to add to your growing collection.

Ships in a 10″ pot (3 gallon). Please email us with your zip code if you are interested. Pictures are available upon request.

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Calathea zebrina – is a tropical plant native to southeastern Brazil where they can be found in the forest areas under the shade of trees. They are grown and well-loved for their beautiful zebra-like pattern. They have a velvety, soft texture, and they range in colors of bright green color with yellowish-white stripes, making them super gorgeous. They can grow to be about 3 feet in height. They are often confused with the prayer plant but this variety grows much larger. Growing them in a warm, shaded area is what they like best, but they can be grown indoors as well as long as they are away from AC vents and there is enough light. During their growing season providing enough water is important, because they like moisture. During the winter season watering can be reduced, allowing the top of the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Although they like soil that holds moisture, it also needs to be well-draining so the roots are not at risk of root rot.

FAMILY: Marantaceae
ORIGIN: Brazil
Up to 3 feet
Bright indirect light
60 – 80 degrees F.

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