Bucida/Terminalia sp. variegated (10″ pot $200/on request)

Bucida variegated is a delicate small exotic tree that is often sought after as a rare and unusual bonsai/bonsai starter. With small leaves and thorns that grow erratically in all different directions, the tree grows into a bonsai almost all on its own, making it easy to bonsai. The olive-green foliage is shiny and waxy in texture. If you are looking for an exotic bonsai starter relatively easy to care for, this is a wonderful choice!

Ships in a 10″ pot. Please email us with your zip code if you are interested.


Also known as the Dwarf Geometry tree, the Bucida sp. variegated is native to the Bahamas. This exotic tree grows in full sun. Plant in a pot and protect it from frost! It should be potted in well-draining soil, like a mixture of perlite and potting soil for example, and make sure to plant in a big enough pot for the roots to grow. Water it once the top few inches of soil have dried. It should be watered less in cooler months, but don’t let the soil dry out completely in the winter, it will help with protecting the tree from frost.

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