Brassavola ‘David Sander’ (4″ hanging basket)


This orchid, ‘David Sander’, comes from the west Indies, Central and South America where it grows in warm to cool temperatures. Blooming in Summer, this impressive hybrid produces a very fragrant creamy white star-shaped flower with a whispy, fuzzy like texture presented in the middle. The tips of the petals droop and flow in an elegant manner. I recommend this charming plant to any Orchid/flower lover! This is also sold as “Rhynchovola ‘David Sander'”.

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket. Does not come with flowers. Mature to bloom. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code if you are interested.

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Rhynchovola ‘David Sander’ is a hybrid between Brassavola cucullata and Rhyncholaelia digbyana, producing flowers that can get up to 6″big. It grows in bright, indirect sunlight and enjoys air circulation. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves and flowers, but not enough indirect sun and the plant will not produce flowers well. It should dry out completely before watering again. Do not let it sit in water, it will root rot- its thick roots that indicate this. Plant in a well draining soil type- something like orchid bark, charcoal and perlite. Repot once the roots have begun to sprout out the bottom of the pot.

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