Angraecum didieri (mounted)


This orchid is native to humid evergreen forests in Madagascar. It is so pretty with its fanged tip leaves, curly petals and large white lip. The petals and sepals are a hue of a very light green, glowy like. At night they smell sweet, spicy and citrusy. If you are short on space, this small, hardy orchid would fit beautifully in any collection. 

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code for availability.

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Grow in bright indirect light, this plant can take some direct sun as long as the leaves are not burning. I do not recommend putting in direct afternoon sun. Humidity and air circulation should be provided, as the roots really like to breathe. Pot in a coarse mix or mount to a piece of cork. I don’t recommend repotting often, the roots are sensitive and don’t do well when they’ve been damaged at all. They do not like to sit in water, allow the medium to dry in between watering. Water more in the Summer than the Winter. Each inflorescence bears only one flower, and the flowers reach up to three inches big. It is a slow growing orchid and each inflorescence harbors one flower. 

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