This is a very unusual tropical aroid plant. When it is not blooming and not dormant, it has a very attractive spotted dalmatian pattern on the trunk. This is a weird plant for collectors.

Dormant. Check back in spring/summer.

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An unusual flowering bulb that is winter dormant. Come spring time either a spotted dalmatian like trunk will sprout with leaves or an unusual flower on mature bulbs followed by colorful seeds. Rarely offered for sale.

FAMILY : Araceae
MATURE SIZE : 3′ on average
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : shade to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : moist summers, dry winters
MIN. TEMP. : low 20’s
FLOWER : spring, summer

These are quite easy to grow. Amorphophallus will go dormant in the winter. Plant the tubers in pots at least 4″ wider than the tuber. The depth for planting the tubers will depend on its size. Small tubers should be buried around 2″-3″ deep. Large tubers around 6″-10″. Use a good quality potting mix. Make sure that the top of the plant is facing up. When dormant, don’t give it too much water, let the soil dry out. Keep it dry for a couple of weeks and then water it again. Don’t fertilize. Repeat this process until the tuber wakes up in the spring. At that time you can start watering regularly and fertilizing the plant.

In the spring, if the tuber is mature enough, you will see the flowers, otherwise a leaf will sprout. Very often they form clumps with the flower appearing between the leaves. They should start going dormant again in the fall. The tuber can be dug up by late winter if necessary.

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