Alocasia zebrina (4″ pot)


This tropical plant is native to the rainforests of the Philippines. This elephant ear is so cool, both the striped stems and arrow shaped leaves are like nothing else. The leaves are shiny and a beautiful deep green. The plant reaches anywhere from 3-5 feet tall. Usually collected, this plant would display wonderfully in any home or garden. It isn’t the simplest to care for, I would recommend it to someone advanced or a beginner looking for a challenge!

Ships in a 4″ pot. 

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This plant is particular about the conditions it will grow and thrive in. It needs moist, well draining soil that is nutrient rich. You can opt for fertilizer or compost is a great way to enrich the soil, just don’t put too much or the soil won’t drain as well as it needs to. The best time to fertilize is in the warm months when the plant is actively growing. They don’t like when the soil is completely dry or when it is sopping wet, let the medium lightly dry on the top layer before watering again. When you water, water well by allowing the water to run out of the bottom drain holes. Water less in cold months. They thrive in warm temperatures, filtered sunlight and humidity. The humidity should be constant and medium to high. Curling leaves and crispy edges can be a sign that there is not enough humidity. The more hours of filtered light the better. Avoid direct sunlight or it will scorch the plant. If the light is too low, the leaves will droop.

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