Alocasia ‘Mandalay’ – African Mask (4″ pot)


Alocasia Mandalay is a gorgeous, tropical plant that is in-trend for indoor gardening. This Alocasia has exquisite dark-green, rubbery textured leaves. The leaves are arrow-shaped and have silver/white venation. The silver/bright-white venation looks extremely charming on the dark-green background.

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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The Mandalay African Mask Plant (Alocasia Mandalay) is a beautiful member of the Elephant Ear family. It is a cousin of the Amazon Black Shield plant as it looks very similar but has a more compact nature with wide silver margins. It makes a wonderful addition to any tropical landscape. They may also be containers grown indoors making it a great houseplant. It likes to be in a warm bright area and will benefit from being placed in a humid location such as over the sink or in a bright bathroom. This compact form will grow 8-16″ tall and produce new shoots periodically, creating a dense cluster in no time. You may look at Alocasia ‘Polly’ and think they are the same, while they do look very similar they have a few differences. The most obvious being their leaf shapes. Alocasia ‘Polly’ has a more narrow, elongated leaf vs Alocasia ‘Mandalay’s’ has a more compact rounded shape. Alocasia ‘Mandalay’s’ are also known to produce more foliage than ‘Polly’. See the last photo for a side by side comparison (Polly on the left), and (Mandalay on the right)


FAMILY: Araceae
ORIGIN: Tropical Asia and Eastern Australia
8 – 20”
Full to partial shade
60 – 80 degrees F.

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