Alocasia ‘Maharani’ – Grey Dragon (4″ pot) (check back later)


Alocasia ‘Maharani’ – a rare dwarf type of ‘Jewel’ Alocasia, which is also commonly known as the ‘Grey Dragon’. It’s grown for its attractive, unique foliage that varies in shades of gray-green. They have large, thick leaves with a rough, leathery texture to the touch. An easy-to-grow houseplant, perfect to add to your current collection for all foliage lovers.

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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Alocasia ‘Maharani’ – Alocasia ‘Grey Dragon’ – a compact, dwarf ‘Jewel’ Alocasia. An aroid that’s pretty unusual due to its size and leaf markings. It is a miniature hybrid species from Alocasia reginula x Alocasia Melo. They have thick distinctive, silvery green textured leaves, with reddish undersides.  They are stiff enough to touch making them almost feel like plastic. This plant is said to be durable and can tolerate the home environment making it a great easy to grow houseplant perfect for foliage lovers. A Southeast Asia native, they usually grow to be about 12” tall, making them the perfect size for terrariums and green houses. Although they can’t be relied on for flowering, they have been known to bloom off-white flowers in early spring. The A. Maharani is a heat loving plant and require quite a bit of bright indirect sunlight to grow their best, and they love higher humidity. The perfect growing medium would be well draining, rich soil. Air circulation is crucial for healthy growth to prevent water from sitting on the leaves, and in the crevices. The size of the plant will all be dependent on the amount of space they have to grow in. Usually in pots and containers they remain to be about 8 – 14 inches and under.


FAMILY: Araceae
ORIGIN: Southeast Asia
8 – 14 inches
Bright indirect light
50 – 85 degrees F.

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