Aglaomorpha meyeniana – Bear’s Paw Fern (email to request wait list)


Also known as the “Bear’s Paw Fern”, this is an epiphytic short creeping fern. The rhizome is brown and raises above the soil line in patterns, resembling the common name. The fronds are leathery and deeply divided in the center. Great for a house plant or to take up a shady spot in the garden. 

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Place in bright indirect light, direct light will burn the plant. Water regularly during warm months, waiting for the top few inches of soil to dry out before watering again, you want the soil evenly moist. Reduce the amount of watering in the Winter. The plant thrives mounted, I do not recommend potting unless you use a very chunky airy soil. Protect from freezing temperatures. Do not pot in the ground in cold climates. 

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