PORTULACARIA AFRA 'VARIEGATA' - Variegated Mini Jade Maximize


This tropical succulent is one of the easiest plants to grow that we offer. This variegated outdoor foliage plant can handle drought and neglect. This easy to grow plant can be trained to become a spectacular cascading Bonsai tree. I would recommend this plant for beginner gardners.

Ships in 6" pot.

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Sprawling, slow growing succulent with variegated leaves and dark stems. Very good for cascading Bonsai.
Makes a nice, small hanging basket.

FAMILY : Portulacaceae
ORIGIN : Africa
MATURE SIZE : small to medium size potted plant
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : let dry before watering
MIN. TEMP. : low 30's for a short period of time