CLERODENDRUM THOMSONIAE - Bleeding Heart Vine - Glory Bower Maximize

CLERODENDRUM THOMSONIAE - Bleeding Heart Vine - Glory Bower

This is a tropical vine that can be trained as a shrub. It can be grown in full sun or shade. Red flowers resembling hearts emerge from white bracts during the warmer months.

Ships in 1gallon pot (6" pot).

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Bleeding Heart has been one of our best selling vines for many years. It produces tons of flowers and can be trimmed to just about any desirable size. Flowers can be seen year round when warm, but if you trim at the right time, you will see heavy blooms in the fall and spring.
This vine also has beautiful foliage. It grows well in shade or sun. Grow it in the shade for nicer foliage or grow it in the sun for maximum flowers. A good trim is recommended, flowers sprout on new growth. Cut back by mid August for flowers in the fall and cut back in Jan to see a ton of flowers in the spring. You should provide a structure for it to climb on or keep it trimmed as a shrub. This is a tropical vine. Do not confuse it with Dicentras known as bleeding heart up north. It is a completely different plant.

FAMILY : Verbenaceae
ORIGIN : West Africa
MATURE SIZE : medium size vine
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : light shade to full sun
MIN. TEMP. : high 20's
FLOWER : sporadic throughout the year when warm, heaviest in fall and spring if you trim in mid Aug and Jan

It is normal for bleeding hearts to have some spots on the leaves in the winter due to being grown outside year round at our nursery.