STAPELIA GIGANTEA - Starfish Flower Maximize


This is an easy to grow and unusual succulent. It has soft green stems that can turn purple with bright light.
It produces large balloon-like buds that burst open displaying a hairy light yellow flower that resembles a starfish. Spring and summer bloomer.

Ships in 3.5" net pot. May have a little bit of scaring on the soft leaves, it is normal.

More details

Interesting clump-forming, spine-free succulent that produces very beautiful large and unusual flowers. This one in particular is so pretty, it resembles a starfish covered in long hairs. The flowers are off-white to pale yellow with many purple or maroon markings or lines. The large balloon-like buds are also very interesting.The flowers do not have the best smell, but the plant and flowers are too nice to pass up!
Very easy to grow tropical. Protect from freezing.

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
ORIGIN : South Eastern Africa
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : shade to filtered light 
: keep on the dry side
FLOWER : spring and summer, large interesting flower

****All photos were taken our of mature mother plants in bloom, not of the young plants/cuttings for sale.