1 Hoya/Orchid Mix (soil-less mix) Maximize

1 Hoya/Orchid Mix (soil-less mix)

This is a perfect soil-less mix for Hoya plants and Orchids. The mix contains Coconut husk, Charcoal, and Perlite chunks. It provides very good drainage.

1gallon zip-lock bag.

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This is a soil-less mix that we love to use for our Hoya plants. This is also great mix to use for orchids. This mix is really good to use without soil for the hoyas that are more succulent like for example H. carnosa, H. latifolia, H. kerrii, H. pachyclada, etc. Just look for the hoyas with thick leaves. I would add some (half & half) good quality potting soil with this mix for the hoyas that have more thin leaves and require more water.

Mix contains: -Coconut husk -Charcoal -Perlite chunks

One bag of mix can be used for approximately 5 plants in 6" pots or 2 plants in 8" pots.
One bag weighs 2.5lb and is 13"x10".

If purchasing mix only, please contact us with your order and zip code for shipping rates. Since this is not perishable, we can ship the cheapest/slowest way. We may be able to find a cheaper shipping method for you.