Impressive elephant-ear like plant that develops exceptionally dark leaves that appear black, deep purple, or metallic blue. This is a relatively dwarf selection that grows well in dappled light.

Ships in 4" pot. Delicate leaves, will grow back if damaged during shipping.
Not certified for shipping to CA or AZ at this time.
We do ship all other plants to CA.

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A dwarf clump forming selection that bears unusual almost black leaves. The leaves grow large and give interesting color in the garden. Depending on the light, leaves can appear maroon or other shades of purple, metallic blue, and almost black. It almost appears like it is changing colors, like a gecko.

We prefer to grow it in bright filtered light although may be able to take full sun if adjusted. Grows approximately 36" x 36". Keep soil slightly moist. Can grow near ponds. Protect from freezing.