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MYRCIARIA CAULIFLORA - Jaboticaba Fruit Tree

This is a tropical Brazilian fruit tree. The fruit is delicious and one of our personal favorites. This tree can be grown as a Bonsai tree and is also one of the very few tropical plants that can be grown indoors although we do recommend to grow it outside when possible.

Ships in 1gallon pot (6" pot). May ship pruned back.

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This is the very popular fruit tree known as Jaboticaba or Brazilian Grape Tree. Jaboticaba is pronounced in 5 syllables. This attractive tropical tree is slow growing, but eventually can reach a height of 15'-25'. It is a cauliflorus tree meaning it flowers and bears fruit along the branches and trunk which is very neat. Jaboticabas are very easy to grow. They like full to partial sun. The soil cannot dry out too much, keep it moist. It needs regular fertilization and freezing temperatures should be avoided.

The best part of this fruit tree is of course THE FRUITS! The Jaboticaba bears grape-like fruits, but with a thicker skin which is usually not eaten like regular grapes. Inside is a delicious, sweet gelatinous white pulp which contains some seeds which can be swallowed. The fruit can be eaten out of hand, just pop open the fruit in your mouth with your teeth and enjoy the sweet pulp inside, throwing away the tough skin. Fruit can also be made into jellies, jams, etc.
This tree is also good for bonsai because of its small leaves and slow growing habit. We have heard that Jaboticaba is one of the only few tropical plants that can be grown as an indoor Bonsai tree. We have only grown this plant outside in South Florida where it grows easily. If you are going to keep it indoors during the winter, search a couple of websites about growing tropical plants indoors, there is a lot of good information available. 

FAMILY: Myrtaceae
ORIGIN: Brazil
MATURE SIZE: 15' - 25' in ground in tropical location, can also be kept small in container (Bonsai)
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full sun to bright filtered light
MIN. TEMP.: low 30's for a short period of time
FLOWER: white flowers that grow on the trunk. flowers/fruit up to 3 times a year on mature trees
COMMENTS: delicious edible fruit, good Bonsai

The picture you see of a plant next to a soda can was a plant in a 6" pot for about $25, it is not the exact plant you will be receiving.