BEGONIA SALICIFOLIA - Brazilian Cane Begonia Maximize

BEGONIA SALICIFOLIA - Brazilian Cane Begonia

This is an easy to grow Cane Begonia that has gorgeous deep green leaves with tiny polka dots. The underside of the leaves is pink to red. This tropical plant is recommended for beginners.

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A Brazilian beauty, cane Begonia perfect for beginners. It has deep green leaves with small white/silver polka dots. The dots are one of the smallest in my Begonia collection. Red color on the underside of the leaves. It gets white/light pink flowers year round. I like this Begonia because it continues to grow well in the summer for me when other Begonias "melt". It also can take freezing temperatures for a short period of time.

Begonias like filtered light or shade and to be kept a little on the dry side.

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