This tropical succulent "wax flower" has very attractive variegated and green leaves. It produces super fragrant flowers and is also an excellent bloomer, once mature. The scent of the flowers remind me of citrus. I would recommend this one for a beginner.

Ships in 5" pot. A mixture of variegated leaves and green leaves

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This beautiful variegated Hoya displays its variegation on the middle/center of the leaves, not the edges like the Hoya incrassata 'Eclipse'. This clone is more uncommon.
The variegated leaves do turn green sometimes, but in my experience, the variegation sometimes comes back.
This is a very pretty foliage plant that looks great in a hanging basket. I have found it very easy to grow and is recommended for beginners. 

Once mature, it will produce pretty, yellow/white, perfect ball/round shape clusters of super scented flowers. The flowers smell like citrus. My mother plant blooms non-stop for me during the warm months in very bright filtered light. It gets loaded with several clusters of flowers at one time. It keeps blooming from the same spot over and over again! Just look at my photos of the long peduncles on my mother plant.
The buds are also really interesting and just as cute as the blooms. Although the flowers are nice, this is a hoya that you can enjoy without any flowers because of the beautiful leaves.

We grow our hoyas outdoors in south FL in filtered light. They only get watered at our nursery when it rains or when the soil is dry. Fertilization is average. Hoyas need to be protected from cold temperatures as they are very tropical.

 All pictures were taken of our mature mother plants, not the plants for sale.