HOYA ILAGIORUM - Tomato Red Hoya Maximize

HOYA ILAGIORUM - Tomato Red Hoya

This tropical succulent wax flower produces unusual and showy red/orange flowers that have a lemon zest scent/fragrance. This species is an early bloomer and blooms often.

Hoya availability is limited this year due to hurricane and then cold winter. We are going as fast as we can to be able to offer quality rooted plants. We appreciate your patience.

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Hoya ilagiarum is a fast grower and an early bloomer. The bloom color is so unique and different than any other Hoya! The glossy corolla is tomato red color and the corona is off white to light pink. In my opinion, the flowers smell like lemon zest. My mother plant bloomed in less than 6 months from a small plant and then it become a frequent bloomer (literally all the time for me). The leaves on this Hoya are thick, glabrous, shiny with visible veins. This Hoya is sort of new in the market. I think most collectors see it as a must have. I would even recommend it to a beginner. It is native to The Philippines.

We grow our Hoyas outside in filtered light, keep soils slightly dry, and protect from cold temperatures. Hoyas also like small pots and should only be transplanted when needed.

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